David Blackmore is a fifth generation farmer who has studied Japanese genetics and methodology when breeding, raising and farming Wagyu animals. His passion and dedication to all areas of the production life-cycle has led to the creation of one of the most premium Wagyu products in the world.

Since 1988, David Blackmore’s goal has always been to develop a sustainable production process, which not only produces a consistent quality unmatched by any other producer in Australia.

David Blackmore is one of the few westerners privileged to be invited to Japanese agricultural research centres, universities, prominent breeder farms, feed facilities and processing plants.


In 1988, David Blackmore used his passion and unique understanding of genetics when he discovered four Wagyu that had been exported from Japan to USA for research. This discovery began David Blackmore’s life-long obsession that has taken him to Japan many times to study its history, bloodlines and husbandry.

David Blackmore knew that Wagyu had unparalleled meat quality and therefore increase the value of the animal. It was this understanding that led him to secure the exclusive rights to import the famed Takeda Wagyu embryos and semen into Australia. From 1992 to 2006, David Blackmore imported more than 80% of the Wagyu genetics into Australia.

The Blackmore Wagyu herd is derived from a careful breeding program that combines Japan’s three most famous breeding bloodlines; Tajima from Hyogo Prefecture, Itozakura from Shimane Prefecture, and Kedaka from Tottori Prefecture.


David Blackmore has been described many times as an ‘unconventional’ farmer. He has been applauded for using unique farming methods; combining old world Japanese farming, with new, technically sound scientific methodologies.

David Blackmore has always been highly conscious of the impact that farming and his management decisions has on productivity, profitability and sustainability.

From all of the awards given to Blackmore Wagyu, David Blackmore is most proud of the 2012 Livestock Producer of the Year Award. This title rewards producers who show a professional, innovative and sustainable approach to their livestock enterprise. The award highlighted David’s exceptional animal health and nutrition practices, breeding, preparing livestock for sale, marketing strategy and engaging with the industry beyond the farm gate.


David Blackmore has for many years been invited to share his knowledge and expertise with many in the agricultural and hospitality industries.

He has been actively involved in the mentoring connection program at Melbourne University since 2001, and assisted numerous young veterinary students with their workforce placements.

David Blackmore has hosted numerous visitors from Japan; including farmers from Kagashima prefecture, farmers from Fukushima after the tsunami, the Japanese Meat Wholesalers Association, Japanese Wagyu Association and a delegation from Japanese Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries.

He has also hosted on farm field days for The Australian Wagyu Association, Better Beef Network and Meat Livestock Australia (MLA), and invited to participate in the MLA’s Target 100 Producers initiative to grow awareness of sustainable farming practices to metropolitan consumers.